Parents during homeschooling.




Home schooling is not a new phenomenon for many parents, because for many years, a lot of parents have been teaching their children at home.  But that of course that was their choice.  Many had become dissatisfied with the state school education system, and had instead been educating their children at home.  So for those parents, lockdown would not have been a problem.  But for those who had not done so, it would be very different indeed to cope with, and that is why so many parents were overjoyed for normal schooling to resume.

Based on the relief parents have shown when children returned to school, is a reminder of the good and hard work teachers do in order to ensure that children are educated to a good standard.  Teaching is a very skilled and demanding job, and the lockdown really shows the realities of teaching.  It shows firstly that a teacher needs to have some good qualifications, but at the same time good management skills. In order to have good behaviour in the classroom,  requires tactfulness, good communication, management skills, guidance, inspirational and the ability to keep children calm if they show any kind of uneasiness.

The pandemic has changed many things in society, instead of traditionally how things were being done, much alterations had to be made to accommodate some of hose changes, such as safe distancing, wearing masks, regular hand washing etc.  People have learned to cope differently due to government restrictions that have been put in place for the welfare and safety of individuals and families.   Can you imagine a society where the restrictions are so much that even families kept apart without close contact such as not being able to touch each other.  This must be devastating for some or even most families.  But the fact is that rules must be observed for the purposes of safeguarding everyone in society.  However, we have to learn to adapt to changes as they occur, and remember that things will eventually get back to normal.  Most importantly, is for each and everyone to do their part by protecting themselves, and protecting each other, as that is the requirement of all of us.