Black Children & Under Achievement in Schools


The author’s first book Black Children and Underachievement in Schools was first published in the UK by Minerva Press 1994.

Second edition by Dorrance Publishing Co. Pitts. USA 2014..

This book is very relevant in today’s society, as the problems that existed at the time of the first publication still exist in society today including the USA and other countries.

There is so much racial strife going on in the world today that needs to be dealt with to enable people to live in harmony and create a better world. The term race and racism are a misunderstood concept which makes it uneasy for people to talk about.

Readers need to have a clear understanding of what racism actually is about. It is not difficult to deal with once a clear picture is portrayed. Get the book now, read it, and see for yourself. (insert a book picture). This book is very important for all readers who want to really change their society and help to eradicate racism for a more harmonious society.

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