This is Frances Benskin writer and author of Educational Books, Black Children and Underachievement is Schools, and Race Education and Immigration Policy. She specializes in the education of Black youths in schools, and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Frances Benskin, writer and author of Educational books. She is also public speaker, facilitator, mentor and youth education adviser. She has encouraged youths to take up college courses when they were unsure of what they wanted to do. Would you like to know more about her work? If the answer is yes, then read on. She has written two educational books as follows: Black Children and Underachievement is Schools, which was first published by Minerva Press UK (1994), 2nd edition by Dorrance Publishers USA 2014, and Race Education and Immigration Policy 2012.

She hopes that you will enjoy reading her books, as they set out to inform readers about issues that may not be readily understood at first, but will later invite you to read even more as the topic gives a clearer understanding of what it’s all about. We all know that the issue of race, racism and immigration can be very controversial at times, but until we understand those issues more clearly, they can be contentious and give some readers a false impression.

Well it does not have to be that way. Until we fully understand an issue, or a situation we have every reason to be suspicious to a point. But you don’t have to be, as the author is here to let you know that if we all try our best to understand an issue, some of the complexities of the world we live in would be solved without large scale conflict and confusion. We can try to be accepting of others, as we would like others to accept us, then we would have nothing to fear.

The author is a firm believer that all children should have a good education whether they are from deprived, working class, or privileged backgrounds. She asserts that learning starts from an early age and agrees with psychologists’ views that between the ages of 3 to 5 years of age, the child’s foundation for learning is set for life. It is therefore essential that children are given a good start in early education to enable them to build on that foundation as they make progress through their school life. They should be given enough attention and guidance to help them through those formative years to build and develop their character and self-esteem, and educate them to the required standard that is expected of them.